service opportunities

backpak ministry

Students at Indian Hills Elementary receive a backpack full of food on Friday to have food over the weekend.

Packing – Teams of 2 or 3 meet and pack backpacks with item on a checklist.  Empty packs are ready to pack by Tuesday noon and must be ready to return full to school on Thursday.  You may choose best time for packing.  You would pack approximately 2 times in the fall and 2 in the spring.  

Delivery – Empty bags are taken to Indian Hills Tuesday between 8:30 am and noon and are picked up and taken to the packing room at church.  Filled bags are taken to the school on Thursday between noon and 1:30 pm.

Purchasing Food – Done four times a year.  You would assess what is needed, place order and bring items to church.

Emergency Response

A team of volunteers that will respond to the natural disasters within the Arkansas Conference. The team can be called upon to form up and respond for 8 hours to 72 hours, when they would be relieved and then return. Completion of the Basic Early Response Team Member is required, with a 3 year recertification.

Pack Shack

Church-wide event held in July.  Help is needed to set up, direct traffic during the event and clean up.  Also to deliver completed kits to area locations for distribution.

Broadway Bridge

We feed the homeless community.  All work is done on the 4th Monday of each month.  Served at His Throne Ministries, 1101 W. Markham, Little Rock, Ark.  

Ways to serve:

Food Purchase – Buy the food at Sam’s and delivers to church by 4:00. A list will be provided.

Cook/Prepare – Meet at 4:00 and prepare the food.  1 to 1 ½ hour.

Indian Hills Elementary

Currently two opportunities to assist here.

First Day of School – Distribute coffee and donuts as parents drop of children.  Between 7:00 and 7:45 am.

Orientation – Distribute bottles of water and greet parents and students.  This is held the Thursday before school starts in August from 5:00 till 6:00 pm.

Greeters on Tuesday Morning – men to go to the school at 0715 and greet students when they arrive for school, assure, shoes tied; shirt tucked in; and that they are given a hug and smile for the opening of school.

Mission Planning Team

The Mission Planning Team meets on the 2nd Sunday every month at 4:00 pm.  

The team reviews financial status of the Mission Committee and plans mission opportunities.  All are welcome to attend or join.