Steven Carr

CThank you for the wonderful opportunity to begin working with your youth and their families.  Journeys in life are always full of interesting adventures. My family and I are so thankful for the loving support and look forward to God’s direction in the days ahead.



Meeting new people is always an interesting scenario. I have diligently tried to create a formula for remembering information about individuals, but to no avail, I always forget something.  Therefore, I love to sit and listen to people tell me the story of their life. As we begin to become acquainted with each other, I would like to begin by sharing a few informative details surrounding the story of my family..

education & marriage

I was raised in the small community of Ovilla, south of Dallas. Although I was raised in Texas, my family would make multiple trips to Arkansas. Those family trips began to draw my heart more and more to this wonderful state. Upon graduation from high school, I moved to Arkansas and attended Ouachita Baptist University.

During my senior year at OBU, through the help of multiple friends, I met an amazing woman from Stuttgart, AR. My wife Colleen had attended the University of Arkansas at Jonesboro. We were married in December of 1996 and within a few weeks moved to Lakeland, Florida, to serve in ministry at First Presbyterian Church, Lakeland..

return to arkansas


scelerisIn 1998, Colleen and I welcomed our daughter Faith and moved back to Arkansas, closer to family, and continuing to serve in various ministries throughout the state. In 2000, Colleen and I welcomed our son Timothy.  Faith is a freshman at North Little Rock and Timothy is in the 7th grade at Lakewood Middle School. My wife Colleen owns her own business in downtown Little Rock.


We are so excited to meet your family and hear about your journey! Once again, thank you for the opportunity to serve and we look forward with anticipation to the wonderful days ahead. May God bless us and keep us, may His grace shine upon us in all our endeavors.

In His Steps,

Steven Carr

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